How Important Penis Stamina and Size for Women?

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To some women, penis stamina is what really matters and that are not concerned about penis size. Others are after penis size and not stamina. The average woman looks for both. All these are psychological issues that most women are not able to explain. However, the stamina and size of the penis are important because they contribute to lasting sexual stimulation, and building a strong sexual bond between partners.

So how important is penis stamina to a woman?

When the penis stamina does not satisfy both partners, the condition can as well be compared to premature ejaculation. To women, penis stamina is important because it is the one that helps a woman reach orgasm. Also, a man needs to keep up his penis stamina for long so as to correspond with the woman’s orgasm. For these reasons, some women prefer penis stamina to penis size. However, loss of penis stamina leads to problems between both partners.

What about the importance of penis size to a woman?

When we talk about penis size, what comes to most of our minds is the length of the penis. So when a man has a short, but wide penis, he is said to have a small penis. However, the width of the penis is also part of the size but usually not known by most people. A woman who prefers penis size to stamina will opt for a man with a longer and wider penis.  This is because they believe that the bigger the size of the penis, the more the stimulation.

Thus the importance of penis size to a woman is that, it provides a higher clitoral stimulation. This is so because a larger penis will have a higher contact with the outer parts of the vagina. In addition, the size of the penis is important because it gives a woman the feeling of fullness meaning that she is both sexually and psychologically satisfied.

There are some men who are not able to reach maximum penis stamina while others are disappointed by the sizes of their penis. However, doctors and researchers are coming up with solutions to ensure that men are no longer worried sexually. Some of the solutions include surgeries and enhancement pills. Surgery is however risky because when a problem occurs it is not reversible. Enhancement pills are the best because they are made from natural ingredients to improve the man’s tool to satisfy his woman.

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