Zenerx Review: Revealing The Actual Facts of Zenerx


Zenerx is a clinically tested male enhancement pill made from organically grown herbs and approved by the FDA safety standards. Besides erectile dysfunction, other sexual factors like penis size, lack of stamina and premature ejaculation, are among conditions said to bring friction between couples. Because of the increased cases of erectile dysfunction and related conditions, it has made it hard for couples to work together for an effective solution making way for doctors and researchers to come up with solutions that change lives. One great solution for these problems is Zenerx enhancement pill.

Zenerx Ingredients- The Secret Behind

Zenerx, unlike other male enhancement products, is formulated with carefully chosen natural herbs to ensure that a man gets what he is looking for. The ingredients contained and responsible for the secret behind it include catuaba bark, cinnamon bark, cistanche bark, cnidium, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, horny goat weed, Indian ginseng, tribulus terrestris, tongkat ali, schizandra berry, niacin, mucuna pruriens, maca root, l-arginine, jujube fruit, and zinc.

How Zenerx work- Revealed Benefits

Being a male enhancement product, Zenerx primarily works by increasing and stabilizing flow of blood to the penis and the genital areas thus enlarging the penis for great sexual experience. However, you will notice that your penis has increased in size after 3 to 4 months and this will be noticed when you erect. Zenerx male enhancement product has also been seen to help in testosterone production and hormone rejuvenation that ensures one reaches an erection and sustains it for long.

Besides these great results, the product also protects the user from other conditions that may interfere with his sexual performance through weakening or reversing it.  In addition, the product also helps improve the overall health of a man through boosting his nervous system and providing him with nutrients that help increase flow of blood to the penis.

It is important to note that, like other supplements or medications, the time taken to show effects in individuals may differ. This depends on body type and condition interfering with your sexual performance.

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Pros and Cons of Zenerx

Every product has its pros and cons although in most cases the pros outweigh the cons. This is the same case with Zenerx. Looking at the pros, this product has been clinically tested and approved by FDA safety standards making it safe for use. The product comes with 100% no risk money-back guarantee, and free bottles when you purchase more than one bottle. For cons, the product will leave side effects like headaches or itchiness if overdosed.

So, if you use Zenerx correctly, nothing can stop you from get enhanced in no time.

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Choosing the Right Male Enhancement Herbal Formula


The biggest problem that you have to deal with when using a particular male enhancement pill is its side effects. Although the pill that you take may trigger erection effectively, you may need to confirm whether or not it causes adverse effects to your body.

warningSynthetic pharmaceutical male enhancement products that are popular at the market, such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, are indeed effective in overcoming sexual dysfunctions commonly suffered by men, such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation; however, because those products consist mostly of chemical ingredients and because you have to take them frequently, they may severely pollute your body.

If you want to play safe, you have to use male enhancement herbal product instead. There are many herbal male enhancement products available at the market. You should know how to choose one that is the best for you.

The Difficulty of Choosing Male Enhancement Herbal Product

Choosing the right male enhancement herbal formula is often difficult because not all ingredients that are used by most herbal products have been clinically tested. Some of those ingredients, such as Tongkat Ali and Ashwagandha, are considered effective in helping men overcome their sexual problem, although those ingredients are not clinically tested yet.

Some others, such as Yohimbe, may also be effective, although clinical research on them reveals that they may cause dangerous effects. The easiest way to choose the right male enhancement herbal formula is probably by choosing the most popular herbal product available and comparing it with other herbal products that are also available at the market. The rest of this article will help you do that.

Zenerx Male Enhancement Fit The Criteria?

Perhaps one of the most widely-used male enhancement herbal products nowadays is Zenerx. This male enhancement product primarily consists of two powerful rejuvenating herbs, Ashwagandha, which is erroneously referred to as Indian ginseng, and Tongkat Ali.

Zenerx Ashwagandha is considered powerful in treating osteoarthritis, cancer, anxiety, and type-2 diabetes; however, the most apparent benefit of this herb is the one related to its rejuvenation and male enhancement effects.

Ashwagandha is a favored herb for treating impotence not only because of its effectiveness in doing its job, but also because it doesn’t cause dangerous side effect. The only known side effect of this herb is that it may cause abortion. Since you are a man and you are never pregnant, this herb is virtually harmless for you.

Tongkat Ali, the second primary ingredient of this product, also has a number of beneficial features that are rarely found in other herbs. Its biggest benefit is that it can arouse sexual desire effectively. This effect applies to both men and women.

Another benefit of this herb is that it effectively increases your alertness and focus. Just like Ashwagandha, Tongkat Ali is also not recommended for pregnant women. However, because you are a man, you should not worry about anything when taking this herb.

Besides those two primary ingredients, there are many other herbs that Zenerx contains, such as Catuaba, a popular herbal aphrodisiac in Brazil; cinnamon, which strengthens the beneficial effects of all of herbal ingredients contained by Zenerx and improves blood flow; cistance, which is also an effective circulatory stimulant, like cinnamon; and ginkgo biloba, which contains agent that widens blood vessels and improves blood and oxygen circulation in your body.

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How Zenerx Compares with Other Similar Products

1.  Zenerx vs. Vimax

Both products are considered popular male enhancement products that come from the nature. However, there are two features that make Zenerx better than Vimax. Firstly, Vimax doesn’t contain all beneficial ingredients that Zenerx has. As the alternative, Vimax contains Guarana, a stimulant common in Brazil. Although this ingredient is considered an effective stimulant, it may cause such unwanted effects as headache and anxiety. Secondly, Vimax contains Yohimbe, which is categorized as a dangerous ingredient.

2.  Zenerx vs. VigRx Plus

VigRx Plus is almost as incomplete as Vimax if compared to Zenerx. In fact, the only powerful ingredient that it has is horny goat weed, which Zenerx also has. Besides that, this herbal product also contains Yohimbe, which is dangerous. Some of its ingredients are also on FDA’s warning list.

3.  Zenerx vs. Prosolution

Prosolution can be regarded as a fair contender for Zenerx, especially because it contains a lot of beneficial ingredients and one powerful ingredient, i.e. maca root—a Peruvian super-food which is high in beneficial minerals, vitamins and enzymes, which Zenerx also has. However, because Prosolution also contains Yohimbe, you may need to think again when you want to use this herbal product.

From the comparison above, you should now know why Zenerx is better than other male enhancement herbal products. Its comprising of Ashwagandha and Tongkat Ali and the absence of dangerous ingredients, such as Yohimbe, on its list of ingredients make this product the most effective and the safest product that you can use to enhance your masculinity.

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Should Men Have a Big and Longer Penis?


The debates of whether or not a larger and longer penis is better are still pervasive. Some people consider larger and longer penis better than one with normal size and length whereas some others don’t really think similarly.

Nevertheless, many men are quite proud with the extreme size and length of their member. Men who have larger and longer penis often feel more confident when they get along with girls and those with smaller and shorter penis do. Of course such self-confidence is built entirely on social construction in which belief in the perfectness of bigger penis is pervasive.

Why Do People Think that Bigger Penis Is Better?

see it bigThere are many reasons why many people think that bigger is better, especially when they talk about the most sensual part of their body.

First of all, many people believe that men who have bigger penis are men who have higher quality of life. They are sociable people who can attract sexual partners very easily with their bigger genitals. Watch adult videos and you can easily figure out why most actors acting in those videos have relatively bigger member.

Secondly, larger and longer penis is considered a better sexual means to trigger pregnancy. Because the penis is longer, its tip can reach the base of the uterus easily and it can therefore flush its sperm into the uterus more effectively.

Many women who expect pregnancy believe in that allegation. This is the reason why many of them adore men with bigger genitals a lot. Thirdly, a large and long penis is believed to be able to provide better sexual sensation.

These women believe that if their sexual partner has a big and long penis, it can fill out and adapt to their vaginal walls and it can penetrate deeply into their vaginal cavity. They believe that by undergoing such sexual experience, they can achieve better sensation and orgasm.

How Do Men Make Their Penis Larger?

There are many treatments undergone by men to make their penis larger. Pills, supplements and ointments are the most common penis enlargement products that are offered both online and offline. Many of those remedies promise that by taking them or applying them on the penis, it can be enlarged gradually. Some of those products may contain harmful ingredients, but some others are relatively harmless. However, even the most extensively marketed products have not been demonstrated effective.

Other treatments that are also popular are physical treatments. Some men try to enlarge their penis by pumping, clamping and jelqing it. Men pump their penis by using a special pumping device that is believed to be able to engorge the penis while blood is drawn in.

Pumping is the most popular physical treatment to enlarge penis and it is used medically—and even covered by Medicare—to treat impotence and Peyronie’s disease. However, its effectiveness in triggering permanent change to the penis is still disputed.

Clamping, although considered dangerous, is still practiced by some men. Clamping is done by using constricting device to prevent blood from flowing out from the penis.

Jelqing is a penis milking or massaging technique that allegedly originates in Arabia. None of those two physical treatments are proven to be effective in increasing the size of penis permanently.

Another treatment that is also considered popular is surgery. Although the result of this treatment can be permanent, only few men who are willing to use it because of the risks that it may entail.

Some Men Don’t Like Having Bigger Penis?

Although there are people, probably the majority of them, who think that bigger penis is better, there are people who think that bigger penis is not always good. Some men are frustrated by their oversized penis because they can hardly conceal it when they get along with their colleagues and when they have to appear before public.

For those men, being walking porn actors is not good at all. Instead of making them more confident, their oversized penis has made them nervous people who have to endure their embarrassment when they show themselves before the public. Some men also think that their oversized penis makes them feel uncomfortable when they do sexual intercourse.

Their penis has already been big when they don’t do sexual intercourse. When they do intercourse and they inevitably have to erect their penis, it will become so big that it often makes their female partner feel painful during penetration. Men with oversized penis are also often unable to be on top position.

So, Does Oversized Penis Really Matters?

Despite all debates about whether men should have larger and longer penis, men should focus only on the purposes of why they must have oversized penis and not on the method they must use to make their penis bigger and longer.

As mentioned above, there are three purposes of why longer and larger penis is important: to boost their self-confidence, to trigger pregnancy, and to make their sexual partner feel better. In fact, all of those goals can be achieved without having to make their penis larger and longer.

Men don’t have to possess an oversized penis in order to be confident. Remember that many women focus on the other masculine aspects of those men more than they focus on how better those men play on the bed. Besides that, bigger penis doesn’t necessarily make men confident because some of them even feel not confident with their oversized penis.

To trigger pregnancy and to improve sexual pleasure, men don’t need a bigger penis, but a perfect erection and good control of ejaculation. Men should focus on those two matters if they want to enjoy perfect relationship with their partner.

If erection is becoming your hardest problem, you might want to look at here to see how you can use a solution that work for all premature ejaculation problem that also include sizes issues.